About Us

Fire-Trak Safety Products is a division of Metalcraft, Inc., a world leader in fire suppression technology since 1965. Metalcraft’s fire protection products are supplied worldwide and include yacht, commercial shipping, defense, aerospace, governmental, vehicle transportation, and offshore applications.

Our experience in marine boat racing provided a natural progression to the world of auto racing. Metalcraft engineering was tasked with developing an auto racing fire system that would meet various international racing standards. The results are a SFI approved and listed range of products featuring clean extinguishants with strong environmental and safety profiles.

Recent discussions with NASCAR authorities aided our engineers in designing a system that meets NASCAR rules and regulations as well. Critical factors included weight, driver safety and environmental considerations. Our NASCAR approved systems are light weight, driver safe and feature environmental responsible 3M NOVEC 1230 fire suppressant.

As auto racing is a worldwide sport from dirt track racing through international Grand Prix style, Fire-Trak are developing systems to meet the various venues.

Current systems range from 2.5 lb (1kg) thru 10.0lb ( 4.5 kg) in manual and automatic models and feature clean extinguishants.

Fire-Trak Safety Products – where stringent adherence to quality standards are the first line of defense between life and death fire events.